Deborah DeweyDeborah Dewey is a clinical hypnotherapist and detox specialist with clients in Hong Kong and beyond. Deborah has always had a passion for health and wellness and started her journey into hypnotherapy and detox 7 years ago.

Hypnotherapy can create positive changes and help to achieve your goals.  She can help you safely and naturally address a wide variety of issues.  Deborah also specialises in weight loss management and HypnoBirthing®.

The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System© is 5 sessions that give you the tools to help change your eating habits – forever.  A gastric band works by reducing the size of your stomach, and therefore, you eat smaller portions. Hypno-Band hypnotherapy will take you through the process of having a gastric band fitted, only in your mind.  The process helps to get to the root cause of years, if not decades of eating habits and help you get on the path to your ideal weight – and stay there!

Deborah also offers hypnotherapy for other weight issues, for example, chocolate addiction, portion control or bad eating habits.

HypnoBirthing® prepares couples for childbirth. Mums’ learn to ‘let go’ of fears and negative thoughts by applying the 4 key principles of breathing, visualization, deepening and relaxation.  HypnoBirthing® will create a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing and help towards a natural chemical-free birth, if you desire.  HypnoBirthing®  is beneficial for all types of birthing, including planned C-section.  How can it help? The course teaches deep levels of relaxation, breathing techniques that all aid in a calmer mindset ready for birthing.  Deborah is accredited and affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute.

Deborah offers the Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP), a medically improved weight loss system designed by British doctors.  Cambridge will get the weight off where other plans fail. Men and women also choose CWP for nutritional maintenance, sport and for active people that are on-the-go.  There are 6 Steps (programs) to choose from, that are flexible to fit in with your lifestyle and target weight goal.  Coffee is allowed on this diet plan, all whilst being encouraged to eat and snack healthily every day. Deborah will fully support you and offers meal suggestions, as well as weekly support for tips and motivation, if desired.

Also a detox specialist, Deborah can help ‘clean out’ your body at a cellular level and kick start better health habits.  The detox programs use top grade products from the US that are natural, using herb and plant extract.  The detox programs are easy-to-do at home or can be juggled with your busy work or travel schedule.  Programs are well-balanced and support regular eating, including carbohydrates.  Yes, you can eat on this detox! Deborah’s detox is not a fast or juice fast, in fact, you’ll be surprised how easy and doable it is because you are eating and snacking every day!

Deborah offers private consultations on Hong Kong island.  Please contact Deborah to set up an appointment or call her on 6208 7321.  A free phone consultation is available for all services provided.

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